What makes Agile so popular and flexible?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Agile is one of the option which comes forward when companies are looking for different project management approaches. After the traditional project management approach being so popular for a long time, it was obvious that some other methodology will come and try to give project managers and project teams something more light weight to work with.

Agile methodologies have a wide canopy, with multiple flavours and options to choose from. This is the biggest benefit which Agile methodologies bring to the table. One very interesting fact to mention here, traditional methods were more suitable for Information Technology and software houses. But with the introduction of Agile methodologies, other industries like Education, Retail, Media and Entertainment including even healthcare are now getting benefits from this lightweight project management option.

Another reason why Agile became so popular is how it is able to accelerate software delivery with flexibility of accommodating changing business priority. This is the real ground breaking benefit of Agile which really came forward. These two are the most popular reasons of adoption of Agile as per the 13th State of Agile Survey. This is the most credible and longest running annual survey which you can also be a part of. It is run by VersionOne.

Read the 13th State Of Agile Survey report in flip book format here.

The most popular Agile Techniques almost users of Agile methodologies is "Daily Standup Meeting". This is a great way to sync up the team members with the most effective way of communication, face to face communication. Even for distributed teams, members who are sitting across the globe and thousands of miles apart, this is an opportunity to see each other daily over any preferred Video conferencing methods and feel together. This feeling of being connected and working together brings the team together and is much more emotional bond than receiving the status over an email.

Whats important here is to understand that with all the flexibility that Agile brings to the table, it still instills some sort of discipline. Teams should adhere to the core values and principles of Agile closely so that they can put the bookish knowledge into practice. There is great value in these principles and values.

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