Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Scaled Agile Framework, or SAFe as you may have heard it is all about operation of an enterprise. You should not be surprised or scared about SAFe and the diagram above. This may feel too complicated at the first instance, but actually it is not. When you actually talk about agile transformation in an enterprise, the usual agile methodology will not be able to provide you scalability.

Scrum is to a "team" as SAFe is to an "enterprise"

SAFe 4.6 provides four different configurations for an enterprise. The current version also introduces SAFe for Government which enable use of scaled agile framework in a governmental organisation. These provide success patterns that help both enterprises and public sector organisations implement lean agile practices.

It's important to understand an enterprise and its complexities. Usually we are talking about people in excess of 200 to 500 working on a single product. If the team size is that big, then of course the product will also be elaborate and probably complex. Thus it is very important to focus on what are the Epics, Features, Capabilities and Enablers related to it.

Thus scaled agile framework actually helps the whole organisation become Agile. SAFe has processes and recommendations to implement Agile practices on all levels, starting from an Individual Team level to a "Team of Team" level which is also popularly known as an Agile Release Train. Agile practices are also made available for the Large Solution and Portfolio levels so that the overall dynamics of an enterprise can be transformed with Agile Methodologies.

There are a lot of interesting case studies available which can be accessed here

As Dean Leffingwell, the creator of SAFe, has mentioned Agility is not an option, or a thing just for teams, it is a business imperative. This is so true in today's practical situation with large enterprises. They are facing a challenge where the traditional ways of doing things is becoming so costly and time consuming that those methods need serious change. In such times when every product is cutting the time to market and trying to make products which are being continuously integrated and deployed using DevOps practices, an enterprise cannot afford to keep the benefits of Agile methodology and Scaled agile framework just to some teams.

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